Besides his work as a trainer and coach Raimond writes books. So far he has published five books (one in English) and we expect four more Dutch books from his hand soon. Available in English: ‘Debt Collection, how do I talk my money out of his pocket?

Debt Collection, how do I talk my money out of his pocket

Houd ermee op! Raimond HonigIn ‘Debt Collection, how do I talk my money out of his pocket?’ the author presents a clear insight into how debts can be collected quick, efficient and result-oriented.

The book gives a good overall picture of the professional field and provides lots of practical tips on how to collect debts more decisively.

Furthermore all aspects of communication with debtors are extensively reviewed, from the moment of entering into an agreement up to and including the actual collection of the debts. The emphasis in this book lies on improving communication with debtors. In addition the author provides insight in the broader context of credit management and explains how more efficient management of debtors can work cost-cutting for organizations. Also specifically examined are the power of negotiating and aggression and conflict management. In short, for anyone who realizes the importance of professional and result-oriented debt collection this book is an absolute must!

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1. Debtors, how do we view them?
2. Do you ever call them idiots?
3. Survival, connection, growing
4. Communicating, how to do so effectively
5. The art of questioning
6. Negotiating and conflicts on the telephone
7. Aggression management: tool or frustration?
8. Tips and tricks for telephoning
9. Being direct is not necessarily rude!
10. What can good collection bring your organization?

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