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Raimond Honig - Trainer - Auteur - Entertrainer - Personal Coach

Trainer - Author - Entertrainer - Personal Coach

Who is Raimond and what does he do?

Raimond Honig CT, is the founder and managing partner of the Credit Management Instituut BV in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. He also holds various executive and advisory positions within the financial services industry. Raimond runs the Credit Management Instituut since 2005 together with his life and business partner Bionda Honig.

The practical Raimond Honig moves, touches and confronts students in his workshops and trainings with the real issues of life and the Credit Management field. He has extensive experience in business services, worked his way up from sales representative to commercial director and started his own company in 1993.

After giving leadership to a medium-sized consulting firm in Credit Management for years, he turned to the path of development and sees it as his mission to make people think and get them on the move. He does this, for instance, in workshops, presentations, trainings, lectures and personal coaching. His style is characterized by respectful confrontation, he challenges individuals to the best of their abilities.

As a collection specialist he captivates his audience with practical examples and disarming and effective tips and tricks. This is done in such a way that they find it a "sport" to reduce the balance of accounts receivable and work cost-reducing and result improving. In this way he secures the most effective way to manage a debt portfolio.

As (co)author of the book "Debt Collection, how I talk my money out of his pocket?" he put his contemporary vision of results-oriented collection on paper. In his second (Dutch) book: ‘Credit Management, een vak of een mythe’ (Credit Management, a trade or a myth?) May 2006, Raimond gives insight into the very broad field of Credit Management. In his third (Dutch) book, January 2007, ‘Houd ermee op!’ (Stop it!) he challenges people to think about the issues of life that concern all of us and he shares insights from his own experiences. Transparent, authentic and sometimes confronting. His last book that came out in July this year, is titled: ‘Weet u eigenlijk wel met wie u zaken doet?’ (Do you actually know with whom you are doing business?) About the risks in entering into, maintaining and completing business relationships. He wrote this book with co-authors Nick Bousie and Robin Bodaan.

In completion of his MBA studies, he is currently working on a scientific (Dutch) book ‘Strategisch Werkkapitaal’ (Strategic Working Capital) that will appear end 2012.

Raimond's lifesaying

“Dream like you’ll live forever… Love like you’ve never been hurt… Work like you don’t need the money… and dance like nobody’s watching.”
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