VDH Collect, Cathy van der Hout

owner of VDH Collect, previous Sr. Creditmanager at Achmea Financial Services

When I took my first steps within Achmea, I heard the name Raimond Honig ... I took the course Credit Professional at CMI and all I can say is that it was a ‘party’. Raimond has the gift to inspire people in the credit management profession. His practical way to get you ‘out of the box’ was more than once reason for a smile in the whole group. Raimond’s experiences put people on the edge of their seat, attention to the man and his story. In my eyes this makes Raimond a true motivator: giving shape to the Credit Management professional as it’s intended. Raimond wants to get the best of people, an unparalleled knowledge sharer. He uses group reflection to promote growth and definitely doesn’t belong to the group of traditional teachers.

Reading his books ... I could only snap my fingers and say: "Yes, yes ... yes" to his vision and experiences in the field and his reflection of life. I have recommended his Dutch book "Houd ermee op!" outside my workplace.

I express the hope that Raimond may take a lot of people into training and their personal development for a long time to come. .

March 9, 2010

Mirabau, Saša Ristovski

Programme manager at Mirabeau

Raimond is a extremely dedicated and motivational trainer in the field of creditmanagement and learning techniques. One of the best training experiences that I have had were with Raimond during his creative learning skills training at CMI, in the winter of 2008.

Beyond any doubt, Raimond is capable of transferring the message and motivating the training participant into a mode of active learning. Ray, keep up this brilliant performance!”

January 6, 2009

Achmea, Joke Veldhoen

Senior at DA Syntrus Achmea Pensioenbeheer

Raimond is a trainer with passion. Full of enthusiasm and energy. Raimond is an expert in the field of communication and in the field of credit management. His courses are very well applicable on the job Raimond courses provide personal growth. He trains in a manner that is unique and makes me come to Raimond whenever seeking a training."

November 30, 2008, Ronald Aben

Credit Management at

Raimond's approach to the subject is rather different from other training institutes. Raimond added the psychological aspect to the training to allow students to better and easier understand their own role and position in communication but also the behaviour of the opponent, which is in the field of Credit Management often the customer or a counterpart in the sales division. These psycological aspects enables Collectors or Credit Controllers to better anticipate on what is coming and as such keep better control over the communication to achieve the set goals easier.”

November 26, 2008

GAP solutions, Brit Vos

owner GAP solutions

Raimond Honig fully commits himself to the Credit Management Institute, its employees and its customers, in the broadest possible sense with an incredible passion. He is aware of the latest trends and developments within his fields of knowledge and manages to keep addressing them in a surprising way. During training, lectures and workshops, he captivates his participants from start to finish and takes them along on an unprecedented journey into the learning process.

As Raimond is open, sincere and sensitive, but also positively critical he is able to coach unreceptive people (unnoticed) and contribute to their personal growth and development. "

March 2, 2009

I.S. Services Netherlands BV, Eric Pisters

Teamleader AR / AP at I.S. Services Netherlands BV

Raimond is a dedicated person with focus and vision (short and long term). He can create something out of nothing. He has an excellent understanding of what is going on. Further charactaristics : Firm, driven, enthousiastic, very good trainer, very good coach, listener.”

November 26, 2008

EDR Credit Services B.V., Robin Bodaan

Director at EDR Credit Services B.V.

"I have seen Raimond pass by (in ‘business') regularly in the last twenty years. His track record and gained experience make him a person you simply cannot ignore within the credit management field. Again and again he manages to surprise you and initiates new concepts that he makes concrete and manages to put on the map. He knows how to amaze and inspire the field but also takes it to a higher level. He does not adhere to traditional principles but is always looking for new insights that make the difference.

August 8, 2011

Delta N.V., David Schouten

Projectmanager at Delta N.V.

"Raimond has the talent to translate information into practical and immediately applicable knowledge and he has the talent to transfer it. With his enthusiastic and direct personality, he distinguishes himself in the market. You remember him because he makes a difference."

December 5, 2008


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