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Raimond Honig offers a large array of courses and workshops within the following areas:

    trainer Raimond Honig CMI
  • - Behavioral and Emotional Management
  • - Leadership and Coaching
  • - Personal Effectiveness
  • - Social and Communicative Skills
  • - Strategy and Policy
  • - Didactive and Creative methods
  • - Credit Management and Collection


Besides his work as a trainer and coach Raimond writes books and is a columnist for several magazines including the Dutch Journal of Financial Management. Up till now he has published five books (one in English) and we expect four more Dutch books from his hand soon. Available in English:

    auteur Raimond HonigDebt Collection, how do I talk my money out of his pocket?

Personal Coach

Depth is mainly found within yourself ...

We daily ask ourselves many questions. We continuously have streams of thought. What do we want to do with these thoughts and which ones do we put into action? And why? And in many cases, why not?

We create our own truth and build our own frame of reference. This gives us a lot, but do we recognize what it doesn’t give us? Also we constantly have blocking thoughts and in some cases these can have unpleasant consequences for work, relationships and other contacts.

Such issues (could) need personal coaching. Together with your coach you will look to find the answers to your questions. In short, a true voyage of discovery to (more) depth in yourself.

Raimond Honig coachAs a coach Raimond positions himself people-oriented, his empathy and sensitive attitude quickly create a safe connection. His critical, but extremely respectful attitude contributes to a sharp analysis of developed patterns and blocking thoughts. His understanding of nonviolent and transparent communication enables sincere communication.


entertrainer Raimond Honig Credit Mangement InstituutRaimond frequently speaks at congresses, seminars, conferences and corporate events. He is a much sought-after speaker in the field of consultancy, credit management and personal effectiveness.

Raimond is very well able to connect with his audience. He presents decisive, but with respect for each individual, in the course of which he interactively manages to get his audience moving and start thinking.

Raimond Honig will gladly conduct a workshop or presentation in consultation with you that is completely tailored to your wishes with regard to the disciplines in which he specializes.

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